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Hi Sweet Clan !!


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1st of all, I want to say I'm very happy to post here

and looking to be one of your family aka FA.


My real name is : Mahmoud

My Game name is : *MrDeaTh,

My Fave Class : Engineer

My age is : 25

My collage is : B.A Faculty of Commerce , Accounting Dept. (2007)

Language : Arabic mother tongue , Very-Good in both written and spoken English.

Computer Skills : Good as I'm little Good in ET

My games : ET and facebook Poker


About ET life : I did play ET from 2007 , I was noob player as Normally anyone was,


I did joined |GM|Clan| since 2007 , and its down and also Server so I lose all friends there


Did know |fun|Clan| since 2008 , I was helpful player like to help players in forums and servers

when they ask for it , and I always like to follow Rules and Not like who Break it.


From like 1 year did left it for some reasons , and I found FA|pg Server full with player


so active and like map there and player who play with


I did feel that I try to be one of this family and help the Clan to stand


share my Ideas etc etc :)


Looking forward to be one of this family and have fun in servers ,


Cya soon my Fav server is : FA|pg aka IP :


Enjoy my times and have fun !!


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Hello and welcome to the forum :)


This is just the introduction section, if you want to join the clan first read this: http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/8-read-first-before-applying-how-to-join-fa/


Then you can post your application here : http://fearless-assassins.com/forums/5-join-fa-community/


Good luck!

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