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CrimeCraft: Bleedout - Any Good?


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I just came across CrimeCraft: Bleed Out and I'm wondering if anyone has anything to say about it? I'm wondering if it's any good.. Looking for other F2P games for when I fancy something other than ET..


How is it? Any good?

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lol I downloaded that from Steam a while ago, played it for like 5 mins then deleted it.. I don't like it


You should just download it and try it out, maybe you'll like it =)

You can delete it if you don't like it anyways... that's what's so awesome about free games hehe

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I find it odd.. The first time i played i was throw in a match and had a decent time, then the next time i came on i had to do a bunch of useless training stuff for 30 minutes and now i dunno how to join a team based match : /

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