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Captain Kulo - Whatever happened to this guy? (Jay3)


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What happened to Captain Kulo? I remember he had like 120k XP, and would say random things in al caps like "EL KULO TEAM WINS" etc, and would use the vsay "Falling in love" excessively. Sometimes he was annoying, however sometimes it was quite funny how self-centered he was usually after a match was over. Anybody know what happened? I haven't seen him in like 2-3 weeks.

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Now, he was very annoying, which was not really a problem, because solvable if you care about him and talk to him.


But after he has begun to use F|A tags and faking Member names, he got a ban from 6 days. The Bantime is over now, but it looks like he now play on F|A Jay2, and no longer on Beginners

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