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News - Dad Attacks Teen After CoD Black Ops Heckling


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this is the result when a kid is bitching a "mentally-ill" gamer Dad :(


that's why too much gaming is bad......& i quote:


Other gaming dangers

Online gaming addiction opens kids up to other dangers, too. Chatting online with other game players may expose them to online predators.

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yawnn .. my cousin honeysing plays ET too as most of you know .. whenever he kills me more I go to his home and kick his ass


Something a nub would do =P



This is epically a fail. Damn guy should have played campaign since he cant handle multiplayer.

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what we have here is a teen who now knows to lock his door when he is gaming !! EPIC fail on home security. lol




That man should stop playing games and that kid is underage!@


You are probably able to count the amount of kids that abide by the game rating system on one hand. :rolleyes:

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u guys missed the whole point.

lemme rephrase


(1) he was 46

(2) unemployed

(3) no life

(4) he didnt have any thing better to do for past 46 years


what would he possibly do

just compare him to joe or rainer !!!!!!!!!



haahahaahahaaa daem i crack myself up some times !

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