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SAMSUNG Galaxy S II Kills iPhone


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For the past few weeks, I have got many emails asking whether Samsung Galaxy S2 is finally the iPhone killer. Well, if you ask me it is really a monster and can overshadow iPhone in features, since it is Dual Core with 1.2 GHz processor. But, when compared to Apple’s built, there is a lot lacking in Samsung Galaxy S2 as it is made of cheap plastic and doesn’t really showcase it’s class. Lesser price than iPhone is a fact to consider but HTC does not compromise on it’s built and is priced at the same category (HTC sensation).

Now let us see some features which may or may not make Samsung Galaxy S2 ‘the iPhone Killer’. First of all, the display when compared to retina display of iPhone is below average but Samsung display is not that bad as it has 4.3 inch Super Amoled. It’s colors are rich and it brings life to pictures. Next comes the browser with flash support and 1.2 GHz processor. Samsung really makes browsing a cake walk. Apple sometimes dies when loading heavy content but Galaxy S2 is way ahead. The camera is 8mp with full HD recording so it is an utter waste of time to compare it with iPhone’s 5 mp. Though it’s camera does a good job, when compared to Galaxy S2 it is just a mere camera phone, not an outstanding one. Gaming? Well, gaming is awesome in Galaxy S2. You really need to test the graphics. It is just a breeze and the ease with which you can play games is too good. The 4.3 inch display makes it even special. So, you can see Galaxy S2 outscores in every department possible but where does it stand out? If you ask Apple’s ”crazy” customers it is just a one word answer that it is ‘APPLE’. But if you ask me personally, Apple can never overshadow Galaxy S2. Maybe possible in dreams!!!


I have Samsung and this phone its perfect ;)

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Well I have an iphone 4. And when I used my friends samsung, the response time was slow and it was laggy in general.


But rlly this whole battle about which one is better is stupid. This includes computers when your looking at different operating systems. Each one has there strengths and weaknesses. Some people are used to or like a certain product. It doesn't mean that its better.


A perfect example is when you look at Internet Explorer. Which is still one of the most used browsers and yet it sucks. Most people don't want to switch not because they don't know about other browsers but because they are used to Internet Explorer.


My girl friend would rather use Google chrome than safari on her macbook pro ONLY because she likes the layout of google chrome. Both them work just as well on apple computers.


Anyways, point being. If you like samsung, great. But just cause you like it or most people like it, doesn't mean its better. I had an iphone 3GS and now an iphone 4, they haven't failed me yet. Anything I've wanted to do on them I've been able to. Even jailbreaking is soooo simple now that you don't even need to connect it to a computer to jailbreak.


Oh btw, idk if you know this. But if you jailbreak (or w/e its called for the android systems) an android phone they run a lot smoother.


So that's just my two cents, take it or leave it.

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I have both and my 2 cents is samsung is better phone apple has better os and apps . The apple apps never fail on my samsung it happens that a app is getting stuck or use long time to startup . But in general and especially outdoors the samsung screen pawns. Only my 2 cents :).

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The biggest reason I took the iphone is cause since I have a macbook and ipad 2. It just works better that way.


But besides that, I rlly wouldn't be able to choose

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I have a HTC sensation myself, and the graphics are way better then the apple and samsung. The smood feeling with htc sense is great.


Iphone sucks big time, but the samsung is a great phone too, but im more a htc person.

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