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  1. i think goldrush not loaded (jay3) and its not the first time when updated the map rotation goldrush is missing. i dont know why ?
  2. on jay3 i saw many bad german and turkish words. i warned and muted. i know all german and turkish bad words what we can use too for censor system maybe?
  3. Happy Birthday Fearless Assassins
  4. nomex78

    Jay 3 Error

    new maps on jay3
  5. yes ofc real life come first, is very important !!!
  6. i meaning in the past i had no problems with ingame ss on windows xp. ok Moxie use bind F11 "autoscreenshot" or bind F11 "screenshotJPEG" or other key, i have F11 for SS and F12 for demo record ! than look in your et or cod screenshot folder ! cya
  7. win7 64bit. ss with print button no problem thats works but not in game than i have a black screen. but ok i use /autoscreenshot.
  8. hi, i have the same problem. with print button on keyboard i get a black SS when i paste in a software. i bind F11 for SS and that works, but not when i opened the console and want a SS from console. most i type /autoscreenshot manual in console and arrow up for last commands and enter for next SS! i use Windows 7 Pro !
  9. nomex78


    hello Danny, welcome to our FA Community! nice to see ur intro and apply ! good luck and have fun mate ! cu Danny !