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Anyone a Dell Technician?


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I recently applied for this job as a tech, tomorrow i am going for an interview.After passing the interview i will need to pass some online certifications from Dell, one of them is called foundation 2010. I did a g search but i cant find nothing. Is anyone here e a dell tech or know what are they talking about so i can find a way to get prepared for test time.I really need and want this job.Cant afford to give it to someone else.



Thank you!

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I am not a Dell Tech but I met a few of them when my work laptop was dying last year, unfortunately they weren't that bright so I don't think you will have any issues passing that.

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I looked up the same thing once, but not out of any interest to work for dell, just to get a general feel of what's required as 'a techy'. (But I must mention that I never pursued that trail. I'm not a qualified Technician).


All you need to know is correct terminology of components, a good understanding of different ports and adapters, and compatibility across different components, and of course an understanding of certain software, partitioning, RAID, etc.


Basically, if you feel confident that you could fix any hardware issue on a faulty computer, replace components with compatible upgrades/alternatives, and carry out operations such as running ghost images across multiple machines, and setting up / repairing RAID'ed drives.


As for diagnostics, you don't need to be able to diagnose. To carry out a replacement or repair, Dell require that their own diagnostics program declare that there is a fault with a piece of hardware before it is replaced. And I'm not sure about more modern machines but certainly when I was interested in it, there were onboard lights inside the casing which in combinations would give simple diagnostics too. I learnt that little part when doing some voluntary technician work for my county council.

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My best friend's son started working for Dell a couple of months ago.

he is only 19 and they started him at $36k, he told me they have great

training programs and he is getting 30 days vacation/personal time starting

from the date of hire. Most jobs make you work for a year before you qualify

for any vacation etc. For him it seems like a great deal.

Any Dell computers I have worked on had the led lights on the back or inside

that would indicate by the pattern what was wrong.

Seems Dell has some good contracts with the government and large companies so

I would think there is some future in the company, good luck.

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