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Flakstuff RC - flakstuff_rc.pk3 - Enemy Territory Map


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Flakstuff RC - flakstuff_rc.pk3

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Download pk3 name: flakstuff_rc.pk3

Map name: flakstuff_rc.bsp

Author(s): FischCommand





Switzerland, 1943. The Allies have stolen four new Flak Ammo for their Big Flak Gun.

The Axis must steal the new Flak Ammo and escape with them to their Big Flak Gun.



STATUS: Release Candidate


Bugs/Changes/New against previous Version:


BUG: The Error: "loadlocations:warning: no location found for map ..."

probably its cause in an incorrect flakstuff_b2.arena. Thx macbeth ;)

bug: The long windows front on Axis- and Allies spawn was weapon-permeable.

Not true clipped!

bug: The delivery place of Flak ammo was sometimes bulky (little ladder).

One could quite get stuck in the hurry..


chg: Around the line of sight connection between the MG the destroyed bunker

and the exit of the main bunker to limit still two trees was set.

The reason was no direct spawnkilling with MG possible more ;)

chg: Interior fittings for Axis spawn and Flak-Tower (some more details..)

chg: Somewhat more "meaningful" place for the first aid house ;)

chg: Tunnel between main bunker and antenna changed (textures, signs)

chg: Beside/above the roof of the MG42 bunker the 2 climbingable trees were

re-activated again ;)

chg: On a propaganda poster a Nazi symbol was contained.

It made unrecognizable and/or removed

chg: Tracemap with flakstuff_rc_cc.tga (command map) updated


new: Global background sound added. For installation and use see the file:

flakstuff-sound.txt in the pk3 package!

new: Above the stone house with the tunnel entrance a antenna built

new: House with attic beside the old bunker and before the main bunker

new: Many narrow ways between the important buildings provides

new: Status indication in the small stone house visibly

new: 4 old advertisement posters of the earlier time added (thx ASW);)

NEW: New big Factory as second escape route for Axis. Entry is in the Room

before/after Flak room over a long ladder (including MG42 wall hole).



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