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Fliegerhorst 2 - fliegerhorst_2.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Fliegerhorst 2 - fliegerhorst_2.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: fliegerhorst_2.pk3

Map name: fliegerhorst_2.bsp

Author(s): Rikard "Drakir" Lindgren





1945, Southern Germany. Axis forces have developed a very poison gas that they plan on releasing over

the enemy by air. Allied forces have found the hiding place and secured the gas, but can they hold it.

Safest way to be sure is to destroy the airplane that the Axis forces are planing to use for the gas release.





#. This map has taken me forever to make, at least it feels that way. After 2 BETAs and what I thought was the FINAL release

and many helpful testers I am hoping this will be the last. The map has taking its course of redoing the objectives so many times

during the development that I almost forgot what I first thought of when starting on this map.

I am almost sad that i have to leave this baby and go on to making another map, I really enjoyed working on this map.

This is also the first time I do some Voice Over by myself for a map, and I'll think you'll enjoy the "News" where I am

talking a bit about the objectives. Have fun, cya next time it's time for a map to be tested!



Special thanks and Credits to:


Enra, for testing, server and hosting my website. Sock at SD forums for great info.

And offcourse everyone who gave me great feedback and testing, specially thanks to SmeTskE!

I would also like to say that most of the textures are made by me. There are 156 new textures provided in the .pk3 file.

In there´s 30 textures that I have borrowed from Iikka "Fingers" Keranen.

fliegerhorst_2.gm fliegerhorst_2.way fliegerhorst_2_goals.gm

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