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KTA Massacre - kta_massacre.pk3 - Enemy Territory Map


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KTA Massacre - kta_massacre.pk3

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Download pk3 name: kta_massacre.pk3

Map name: kta_massacre.bsp




Massacre has loong corridors for those with aim, and narrow corridors for those who enjoy quick and mad mayhem. Optimized for 12 vs 12 servers, but - knowing Heirpie, PoNS and the others over at Shit-Storm/=PoW= - it might be tested in an 25 vs 25 environment too, over at their massive servers (Caos and Extreme). Thus, I made sure that there are no "Hey! I can double jump up to this area!"-areas, e.g. I used plenty of Clip brushes. (They sometimes use the double jump setting on their servers - players reach any odd area like nothing.) I also included a lot of spawn-boxes.


There is a secret room, up in the north-east corner of Massacre. I just have to add these perplexing facilities in almost every map. (No, there are no such rooms in North Pole. I get that question alot.)


Massacre was made for clan kta. Just as a frag arena for them, and their servers (www.clan-kta.com). But it's for any server to download and use of course. I think I speak for many mappers when I say that the more servers that host custom maps, the better. The only visible Kta-related thing in the map, besides the name, is a small sign, (barely noticable) near the wall in a dark corner somewhere near the centre of the map.


A key feature of Massacre is the neutral flag pole. It starts un-taken by both teams. The Axis and the Allies will have to run and fight for the flag, in the centre. Hopefully, there will be a lot of crazy fragging in that area, with the flag going back and forth between the teams. The Allied forces will get permanent forward spawn (and the flag will vanish) once the big Wall is dynamited. One of the smaller gates is named Steelrat's Gate to thank Steelrat for his excellent script/flag-prefab that I used.


Although there is one main route, via the centre flag, there are also sneaky ways to go around the fragging action. Needless to say, the Axis must send some guys to the side doors/gates at match start - or else those gold thirsty Allies will steal their precious metal.

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