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My hard drive is full what do?


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Hey i have a 100 gb hard drive and its full i dunno why i have a couple of "big" games gta 4 being the biggest at around 16 gb then homefront 10,CoD4 at 6, left 4 dead around 6, gmod at 1, and cs:s at 1. And those are the biggest thing in my "add remove programs" list, i am currently defragging my comp but this is kinda makin me mad cause i dunno what to do... :/ thanks for your help...

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Check the files inside (c:/program files) on the C drive .. itunes and other programs hide their files inside that folder.

OFC check my documents, my pictures, my downloads, my videos etc...

Ext drive is a great idea for your videos, pictures and music...

Good luck... if your hard drive gets full and you try to add more you might be looking at serious problems so be careful.

You need 15% free space on your drive to defrag and to have room to move files etc...


do what I do, buy another drive...However, be aware that you can get carried away with it like I have, I'm up to 16tb now...LOL



LOL .... its gotta be porn :yahoo

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If you do download media frequently, I would say you definition should get a new harddrive. 100GB is a very low limit by todays standards.


Wondering whether this 100GB drive is your system drive, and which operating system you are running.


The sxs directories on newer windows systems can eat up a lot of space, though there isn't much you can do about that, other than reverting to an older OS, or installing nearly nothing. Also, restore points will build up if you don't limit the policy yourself ( again more relevant on newer Operating Systems )


Sometimes windows paging file allocation can be arbitrarily large ( particularly on older windows ). Although if you don't understand why that is relevant you'd best not mess with it.


This is likely obvious but you probably want to right click the drive, go to properties and run "disk cleanup" as a first step. I freed 16 gigs between my temporary files and recycler the other day... because I'm apparently a very poor computer owner.


Finally, if its likely media files, or you can't determine the source at all, you might want to pick up graphic disk analysis utility. Fairly useful if you tend to collect a lot of junk you'll never look at again. I've used WinDirStat on a few occasions.. its GPL and available on sourceforge, though somebody might recommend something better.



Good luck, get at me if you need more intricate help.



edit: Oh almost forgot, probably best to make sure hibernation is turned off as well, it dumps memory states to your drive, and in older versions of windows, this was buggy as all hell. It'll hurt your power saving but, totally worth it. Sleep is good enough, and ( somewhat, problem free )

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Delete your Pr0n stash and any other unneeded files, music, pictures, videos, text documents etc. Careful not to delete anything you might want at a later date like your retro pr0n.

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This topic should be moved to Pc support section.

If you're using Windows, maybe this can help you:

-start > run > write 'cmd' when the window opened write

cd %temp%

del *.* /F /Q /S

cd %systemroot%/temp

del *.* /F /Q /S

cd %systemroot%/prefetch

del *.* /F /Q /S


Download CCleaner and run it.

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My first stop when I used to run out of space was to run disk cleanup and delete all temp files there. It's not a lot of space normally... but every bit helps.


Then I always go down the add/remove programs list and remove things that I no longer use, or haven't used in a few months.


As others have suggested, adding an external USB HDD for file storage could free up a lot of space by relocating media files like videos, music, and pictures onto the external drive.


They're pretty affordable now.. it really might be your best option.


Here's an example, USB 2.0, and only 5400RPM, so running from the drive isn't going to be as fast as SATA, but it'll work great just for storing all your meadia files: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822148407

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#1 Thing to do is get rid of the 100gig drive I had a friend just buy a new laptop with 640Gig a video card and 4 gigs of ram duel core processer for under $500 USD


#2 delete as much "junk" you don't need( Music you can always get again) pictures files folders programs ...You could always upload your pictures on FB or photobucket you can save your music on a MP3 player or Burn it on a CD Memory stick



Once you deleted Moved your "junk" download Ccleaner or even better (Advance system care) both free and no virses



And yes defrag your harddrive


Having a full hard drive is what slows you down and ya LAG



I run a 10,000 RPM 600Gig 32mb cache WD VelociRaptor Sata drive. And a 2 TB WD Caviar Black for Programs Video < hehehe and music




Games : Wolfeinstien, IL-2 Stormivik Cliffs of dover, Silent hunter 4, NavyField, Battlefield free4play


Programs: FacetrackerNoir,Webcam software, ATI manger (videocard) slimdrivers, Advance systemcare 4, Logitech HD, Fraps, Spaccy, Ccleaner, MSI afterburnner ( Overclocking videocard) Joystick driver + more and all my window 7 apps Arobe Java ETC


I still have only used 7% of 100% in HD 2 and 11% of 100% in HD 1 so my 11% would be 110Gigs


Depending on what your computer is Look into getting Ram aswell ...Running less then 4 gigs now adays is like running a 100gig harddrive ..thing of the past

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This is a family computer as well so... and i dont watch/keep my pr0n on this computer, i have ccleaner and ran it didnt do much but im looking into an external HDD, And this is quite an old computer running on XP, also only have 8gb and defrag says it might not run properly.... ANDDD i have 2.5gb of ram which i bough recently


Thanks for your help guys


Ill look for some junk to delete but... yeah

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