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Hi everyone


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After many times playng at F|A enemy ter... servers is time to come here to say thanks for be so friendly all of you.

I ll continue playng at your servers and hope that always be the same.


My nick is (-,|Cub1ch1 i ll like that my clan would be still alive but i dont think so, anyway i continue using the tag.

see you at servers.

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Thanx for all like i said before you are very friendly and kinde.

Hi Lun@tic long time no see you too but anyway it is impossible recognize you if are changing nick always nice to see you again.

and Karpetovetonico we are the grandfaders of here me a little older than you i ll be 50 in september 9 and i ll play until 100 if God want (hahahaha)la vieja guardia siempre presente, nice to see you too.

Regards to all.

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Thank you for having accepted me XFire F / A community (is an advantage because all the servers appear in my XF) and I think very soon (I can do) a donation for servers.

Now things are not good for Spain and (to make matters worse figurative speaking) because I'm so happy, I'm a grandfather (from 1 year and 8 months) and I'm very difficult to have extra money but I will make an effort (even though not much) will always help and try to do it regularly.

I look forward spending some good times with you on the servers.




Gracias por haberme aceptado en XFire F/A comunidad (es una ventaja porque aparecen todos los servidores en mi XF) y pienso que muy pronto (podré realizar) algúna donación para los servidores.

Ahora las cosas no estan muy buenas por España y (para empeorar las cosas hablando en términos figuratívos) porque estoy muy contento, soy abuelo (desde hace 1 año y 8 meses) y eso me dificulta mucho disponer de dinero extra pero hare un esfuerzo y (aunque no sea mucho) siempre será una ayuda y trataré de hacerlo regularmente.

Espero seguir pasando unos momentos buenos con ustedes en los servidores.


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