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  1. Happy Birthday Karpetovetonico!

  2. Hi. Nice to see you here too. 7 years playing, that explain your skills. "wild boar". See ya on servers!
  3. Welcome back!. And enjoy our forums and servers.
  4. http://youtu.be/ur-y7oOto14 They did it again. Surprising. If you go to the web at the end, you can personalize a message. (Chrome only)
  5. Netherlands Granny on weed's secondary effects
  6. Karpetovetonico


  7. All i can say: Oh yes!! I'm really happy! Thanks again all of you!! Now, to keep learning,
  8. Welcome, come always you want! Otro "vieja guardia" , me alegro de conocerte virtualmente.
  9. ¡VIVA! No doubt, Spain have the best parties, beaches, men, women (ofc), soccer team (World champions)... We have it almost all! (Haciendo Patria, choco)
  10. Chemical Brothers - Come With Us (Album) :yeye :yeye
  11. Thanks too to the rest! Gracias compañer@s :D


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