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Kasey Anthony found Not Guilty


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Eh, she'd probably spell my name wrong too. She doesn't deserve to have her name spelled correctly anyways! :P

Not guilty my ass.

My jaw literally dropped.

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You knew it was going to happen O.J Simpson all over again. Give it a few years then she will come out and confess get a book deal from it and live the good life. Can't be tried again no double jeporady.

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Hopefully someone will take the law into their own hands :mad

11 hrs and they were done I was like wow.

11 hours and done I clapped my hands and squealed like I was 5 again, because normally that means GUILTY. But NOPE, not with this GD system....

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I haven't really followed this at all because I didn't pay attention to the media about it... reminds me of the girl who played with fire and how the media can totally skew everyone's perspective on an innocent woman. I'm not saying she's innocent because really only she would know that right? Anyway - it is interesting to see all the reactions to it. Just reminded me of that book

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