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  1. Map request/suggestion jay1

    breakout good map to add hasnt been on in a long time should keep uje though fun map
  2. teachers

  3. titties and beer

    http://youtu.be/0ylRplLnU84 http://youtu.be/GCOIeYSwbXs
  4. Horror movies

    Lord of Illusions the signal
  5. NHL Season 2013-2014

    The Avs take first in central division just need to win out our last 2 games!!!!!
  6. NHL Season 2013-2014

    Avs come back again i think home ice will be ours for first round
  7. Horror movies

    In the mouth of madness Event horizon Feast
  8. NHL Season 2013-2014

    The Avs just have the blackhawks number this year. Great win!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. NHL Season 2013-2014

    Yes I'm a Colorado Fan and you can add me
  10. NHL Season 2013-2014

    Great win over Detroit Avs are on a tear as of late keep it up!!!!!
  11. 1. The Breakout 2. Eagles 2 3. Mountain assault 4. X Factory 5. Eye of horus
  12. Invalid Guid

    I am able to connect to pub, hardcore and all nq servers fine but can't get on any jaymod servers pops up saying invalid guid to reconnect cuz problem may be temporary. Have tried everthing cant figure it out and when i do connect to pub i have my full admin. Any Advice for me???
  13. Who do you love on =F|A=? :)

    Pastor Mexi, GIjoe, Lady, swiss just too name a few
  14. what is your favorite NBA team?

    Denver Nuggets!!!
  15. Favorite NFL Team

    San Francisco 49er's all the way but don't mind the Denver Broncos.