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Riot in my city


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Because of the stanley cup finals..my city has started a riot :):(?


couple of police cars overturned, lots of fist fights, tens of thousands of drunk fans screaming, tear gas, peeople falling of viaducts, and now there is a standoff between the riot cops and protestors :)


overall I am happy


but would be happier if we wont he cup


weclome to my town



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more info above


My goodness I feel bad for you and your city. Its just a game right?



Its supposed to be, but over here its more than that...Everyone, I mean Everyone had such high hopes for todays game..people were honking at screaming in the streets starting at 9 am lol so emotions got out of control i guess

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When is the last time a Canadian team won the stanley cup? Id be a pissed Canadian too, as diehard as they are suppose to be they haven't won in awhile, jus sayin.



yea..how many canadian teams are there opposed to american teams?


oh and how many canadian players are there vs other nations players?





Ahh just reported that there were multiple stabbings, a bruin fan was pushed off a overpass and killed, other boston fans were brutually knocked out and laid on the ground motionless :( f***ing sad



not to mention looting


Boston Sports Desk has confirmed that there have been three confirmed deaths in Vancouver as a result of rioting. Police have been battling riots in four different areas of town.

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They fuking killed someone? Man you canadians are pretty crazy.



yes 3 boston fans..one beaten to death, one stabbed, and one pushed of a crossway bridge thing... so sad to hear man


disgusted at the people honestly

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News just confirmed someone did get pushed off a viaduct and is in extreme critical condition, and there was multiple stabbings, 1 or 2 of them being criticcal conditon, and 1 really bad head trauma injury..those are hte major ones so far.


Hospitals are maxed out and not taking any more people in




on a lighter note..some people looted a tuxedo shop and stole tuxedos and manequins...LOL wtf?

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