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Becoming a Self Proclaimed Master Plumber


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Last night and tonight I spent about 10 hours working on my mother in law's trailer putting in some new fixtures. A new faucet for the kitchen and a new fixture for an outside hose. Little did I know that any type of grey piping or coupling that originally was put into the trailer is not available. For starters I figured I could just shut the kitchen faucet off under the sink. Come to find out that the trailer only has one shut off valve. The main one. So I searched all around under the trailer to find the valve. Took about 20 minutes. Finally on to the plumbing work. Took out old faucet and put new one in. A small leak from the hot water side. No problem just had to tighten it a little more. Now comes the fun part, the outside faucet. I removed the old one and put the new one in it's place. Turn on the main valve and it's leaking like a sieve. So I check the coupling and it was stripped (Hint: When screwing plastic to metal, the threads will not be useable ever again.) So road trip to Home Depot to purchase push on fittings. Return back to the trailer put the fittings on and presto everything looks good. Fast forward to tonight and I check the faucets for any leaks. Outside line is all wet with a slow leak. So I find where it is leaking. Not the new faucet but the old grey line before the faucet. Now to fix that. A couple push fittings and some cpvc water line and viola a quick fix. Only 10 hours later. So I'm writing to tell you all. If you own a trailer do one of two things, SELL IT FAST! or invest in shark bite push fittings, they save the day and allow you to add real water lines to the grey rubber tubes that run your water to and fro.

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rant? xD


wow, unlucky guy xDD. next time you should probably look up those DIY pro vids before you start doing any home projects.


i know you feel, my dad did something similar to our garage and ended up breaking his leg. the garage didn't get fixed, either.

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My good friend is a master plumber and I have worked with him a few times,

one of the things I found out is that the plumbing in a mobile home is like

a movie prop. Just there to make it look like it has plumbing.

If you have or plan to get a mobile home count on re-doing the plumbing

or get on meth, pimp your wife and run a hose from next door for water.

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any tips on becoming a master baiter?

Put in some hours fishing. You'll learn alot about baiting.

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