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24 Slot cod 4 server is ready and good to go.


Server IP:


As name suggest it has game type of sabotage, team death match, free for all and domination and off course it's hardcore.


Same rules apply as our old COD 4 server.

1. No bitching on continuous basis.

2. No Marty, Noob tubes and Last Stand.

3. No cheating allowed at all.


Admin levels are carried over from our old server. If members don't have admin level, ask to our leaders Milli, Kao and Dixus to set you up.


If you find any bug or have any suggest feel free to post in this thread and if you think sabotage, tdm, etc.. is good for some map use suggestion section and call a poll for it. If your poll will get 80% yes vote you might see new gametype for that map.


Enjoy the game with your buddies and show no mercy while killing!


A special thanks to our donors, clan members and server regulars in their efforts to make =F|A= a place where each player enjoys at its best!

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Haha nice news mister :D


damn too much server for me ... dude i can not play on all those servers now COD 4 with 3 servers, i didn't even play at first one how can I play on all this :help



hehe seeing the new IP ^^ it's the same machine as F|A #2 Jaymod :P

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Copy paste error :P I thought i did same error for Etpro server also :D Machine is same .. dual quad core xeon. Here is the pic.



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