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duke nukem forever


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starts off dumb, IMO. Seems slow and very prompted like an interactive movie or something.

quit playing after about 10 minutes... I give it a 4 outa 10 .. graphics are nice..

overall disappointment

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Its not that bad. I am playing this at the minute


love the old sayings :)


Reminds me of the game years ago. When its was amazing but that was 12 years ago


I would give it at least a 6/10 but i have only played about 30 minutes of it

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i think its all in what you wanted to get out of it. i actually very much enjoy Duke Forever. and in my honest opinion, they hit the image and gameplay of Duke dead on. maybe you guys were expecting realism....Battlefield, or super simple run throughs...Call of Duty, but this is Duke. its not like you can make a shooter much better than whats in this generation already. i bet if Heretic came back out and it wasnt like COD or Battlefield then no one would like it. Hell, im surprised people still like point and click RPGs after all the years those been out. but its all in the preference i guess.



i have Bulletstorm as well, it was fun for a while. i liked bein able to kick the sh*t outta baddies and i liked the black creatures with the glowing weak spots :D the story was cool too. the main reason i played tho was cus i thought the chick was gonna show some boobage -_- the rating did note "Nudity"... <_<

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Game is known more for the humor than it is for the actual shooter aspect. It was interesting, funny, worth the wait. If you were expecting some kind of EPIC OVER THE TOP "SO REAL" shooter to be on par with battlefield and the like then its no surprise you're disappointed :I

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