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How i play cod


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I decided to create this topic so that we fellow cod players could exchange ideas about how we play CoD

(I mean how are classes constructed)

Here are my classes:

1)M4 carbine with red dot 2)MP5 3)M1014 4) Dragunov

----------------------Desert Eagle------------------

Bandolier 3xfrag 3xfrag bandolier

double tap stopping power sleigh of hand stopping power

deep impact steady aim extreme conditioning Iron lungs

----------------------------- flashbang---------------------------

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I only play FFA. Can't stand teams because I don't scrim CoD (boring) and usually teammates give me away. I only use 2 classes. My default:



Red Dot

Desert Eagle


Stopping Power

Steady Aim


For playing against the extra-campy:




Silenced 45


Stopping Power

UAV Jammer

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well i got


1) P 90(SIlenced) & Shotgun (Red Dot)

Perks: Bandolier, Overkill, Deep Impact


2) MP5 (Silenced) & Desert Eagle

Perks: 3 grenades, Stopping power, Deep Impact


3) Sniper (Right now the first sniper rifle coz i only need to complete that ones challenges and then i wil unlock golden camo for Dragunov) & M4

Perks: Claymore, Over KIll, Deep Impact


4) G 3 (Red Dot) & Desert Eagle

Perks: Bandolier, Stopping Power, Deep Impact


5) MP 44 & Desert Eagle

Perks: Bandolier, Double Tap, Steady Aim


I have tried to be as elaborate as possible... Hope it enough :D

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1) M4 with a red dot & Gold Desert Eagle. Perks- Frag x 3, Stopping power, and Steady Aim

2) P90, no attachment & The Des. Perks- Bandolier, Stopping Power(with P90 you can just mow through people), and Steady Aim.

3) M40 with red dot & Desert Eagle(love it if you can't tell) Perks- RPG for Heli's, Juggernaut ;), and Steady Aim

4) MP5 Silenced with Silenced .45 Perks- Bomb Squad, UAV Jammer, and Dead Silence

5) M21 and Des Perks- Claymore, Stopping Power, and Steady Aim


These seem to get the job done. I usually only stick with stuff until I get all the challenges complete. So I'm sure they'll all change soon.

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1. M4 with a red dot + Gold Desert Eagle. Perks- Frag x 3, Stopping power, and Steady Aim

2. MP5 with silencer + Gold Desert Eagle. Perks- Bomb Squad, UAV Jammer and Dead Silence

3. M60E4 with grip + Gold Desert Eagle. Perks- Stopping power, Steady Aim

4. P90 with silencer + Gold Desert Eagle. Perks- Bandolier, Stopping power, Steady Aim

5. M21 with reg scope + Gold Desert Eagle. Perks- Claymore x 2, Stopping power, Iron lungs


Still figuring out what I like best ;)

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1) Barret & Gold Deagle, with bandolier, stopping power, deep impact, and a smoke grenade


2) AK 47 w/ RDS, gold deagle, RPG, juggernaut, conditioning & a flash grenade


3) M1014 w/ grip, gold deagle (see a trend in the pistols?), juggernaut & conditioning, with a flash grenade


That's all I really use. I start most maps with the sniper rifle, and if I can't get any good sniping done, I switch to the AK unless it's a small map. Pretty simple.

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My best and preferred kit is a spec ops type kit:


Skorpion w/ silencer, pistol w/ silencer(don't know which), smoke grenade, Bandolier, Sleight of Hand, and Steady Aim


Also, the typical sniper kit:


Dragunov w/ ACOG, pistol w/ silencer, Flash Bang, claymores, stopping power and deep impact.


And a general assault kit:


G3 w/ ACOG, pistol, Stun X3, Double Tap, Steady Aim

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my kits


*m14 - red dot,gold desert eagle, claymores, stopping power, deep impact, flash nades

**main kit**


barrett - normal scope , came as above

m60 - red dot, same as above

p90 - red dot, 3 nades, stopping power, deep impact, flash


and for ffa maps

m104, berreta silenced, claymores, uav jammer, dead silence

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