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longest killing spree?


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God I just bought COD4 and just play on this server. So finally i decide to visit the website and register and what do i see? you guys have ET server too which is just my fav game of all time that i played for about 5,6 yrs now and been a part of like 2,3 different clans. Thats awesome. I love both of these games


Jus wondering whats everyones longest killing spree on ET? I had so many good ones in my time 20+ kills easily on busy servers mostly medic (not rambo :) ).


Well see you all around in COD4....man i fell like playing ET again i didn't play in like forever



~~ET grandmaster/COD4 n00ber ECHO921~~~

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22 in CoD4 FFA on Crossfire... 7 players, played my favorite class: M16, red dot, bandolier, stopping power, and steady aim. Won 30-2.


I can't remember for ET... probably in the 20's somewhere... I get bored quick with camping... if a team is hurting that bad I usually switch.

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GrandMaster...You didn't happen to play Ultima Online also did ya?


My best would be in the 40's - 50's...but its a rare occasion. BTW I don't play against the bots...Usually I love running around and knifing people in the back :P 2nd best way to kill a rambo medic...only way to kill em without being called a hacker or a noob :lol: "your a knifenoob"..."you got a script on that knife" lmao I can tell ya whats on my knife...Its a whole lotta notches from the kills I rack up on it :twisted:

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haha, yeah those were the good days with wolf et. i didn't play in about a year or more. My COD4 streak was like 22 or 23 on free for all just today. And no duck i never played it before just a word i chose to pick hehe. Also,I'm goin on vacation this week so i wont be on but when i come back i just might install et again...


See ya all around :hi

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