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Logitech M500s ominous "click lock function" or bug.


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I got a Logitech M500s.


The problem is, when I hold down Mouse4 or Mouse5 and do a left click, it locks the left click.

In Windows, it can be used for drag&drop or selecting without holding down left click, but I don't need this.

In ET I have crouch on Mouse4 and Binoculars on Mouse5, so whenever I decide to crouch and shoot, it just keeps shooting until I click left again.


It is nowhere documented, so I assume it is a bug, like ghosting on keyboards.

Logitech has just a purchase page for this mouse, but not a support page.

The Logitech software "SetPoint" is on the download list at logitechs M500 mouse, but it isn't registering the M500s I got and is considered outdated on some forums I searched.

It however is supposed to have a high variety of settings, as I found out from support pages for other mice, but as I said, it doesn't register the M500s I got.

The Logitech software "Options" found somewhere on Logitech, does register this mouse, but the settings available are the scrollwheel and Scrollbutton, sensitivity and Mouse4 and Mouse5.

Assigning other functions  Mouse4 or Mouse5 doesn't change the problem.


This mouse seems perfect for long time usage, and it isn't cheap, like my current mouse, some bloody a4tech (bloody is the model name of the mouse).


If anyone has an idea where I could find help before I have to send it back, that would be really helpfull.





Edit: I tried it again and it disappeared. I plugged it into the front while old mouse was in the back. Now it is plugged in the back again, when it initially showed the problem.

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I would try to udpate the mouse drivers, and due to your edit I would do it for USB ports too. 


I don't have this kind of holding click with mouse 4 and 5 with my logitech M705.. and I can configure it with  " Logitech Options" software


I hope with drivers update that will be fixed

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3 hours ago, Vastasto said:

In ET I have crouch on Mouse4 and Binoculars on Mouse5


An easy workaround for your problem would be to change 1 (or 2) of those keys.


We all have our own style of course, but Crouch on Mouse4 and Binoc on Mouse 5 seems like a weird combination here.


If the driver solutions stated above don't work, I would recommend choosing different keys that do not need to be held.

Usually, people put the crouch key next to the directional keys.

For example, on my Mouse4, I have a bind key for the "self kill". It's better suited for a Mouse key since it requires only clicking and not holding.


That being said, this is not a real solution to your problem, it's just a workaround ^_^


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Unfortunately I had to send the mouse and another item back since both were either defective or not suiting my needs.

During the past 10 years I went through 3 a4techs, a roccat and several other mice I can't quite remember because they went bad so quickly.
For the time being I don't want to shell out 50 bucks for a premium mouse, since they all go get defective very quickly with my button smashing playstyle.
But the mouse after the next one will definitely be a well reviewed logitech out of the g class or so.

Thx for your help so far.

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