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Alright, so i just finished a game with a loser that had a bot. It was so blatently obvious in the killcams it was ridiculous, his gun would just snap from one spot all the way to another in an instant. He never had one kill that was not a headshot. I wish i recorded it.


The question, what can be done to prevent this? Are these servers using punkbuster or just steam? Sorry if thats a stupid question, but cheating/hacking makes me incredibly angry.


For what its worth, the guys name is: [sSS]LoopyOwned

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...I would suggest to contact Duckie or Dan so they can place manual ban.


This didn't happen on one of F|A's servers, just some random one. I just know that if its already taking place in other servers, then its just a matter of time until one shows up in FA's servers. <_<

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I banned someone earlier for using a wallhack. If you detect anyone using one contact me, Duckie, or Tomato and they can ban them for you on our servers. We will have the admin system running soon as we are testing it now.

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The only good thing I can say about VAC is that it is not AhnLabs HackShield.


AhnLabs is like having an alarm system sign in your yard without an actual alarm. VAC is like having an alarm system on only your back and side doors/windows. PB is like having a dog, perhaps a dog that bites your friends now and then, but still a lot better than the other two options. Some day Activision will understand (my wishful thinking).

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Here is last night the cheater we had at TDM Nuketown server... was annoying game, thanks to Duckie for banning him ^^


this his first game screenshot, next game he got something like more than 80 kills 0 death <_< and i have a bad feeling this was only a start, hope the game updates can fix security in this game


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