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Best KDR in BO yet


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Fake :)



EDIT: OK that's it tomato...... why don't you tell them the truth????? why don't you tell them that you PHOTOSHOPPED this picture.you changed the score and you even changed the chat to make it more convincing. I am really disappointed with you....... i just can't believe it.



My fellow fearless assassins, this is the real (resized since original picture is 2mb)picture:





Original Size Picture HERE



As you can see here, Tomato removed my sexy score , and replace it with duckie's fake score (which i believe they both are in a conspiracy).


Due to my sexy score, the server crashed and i my pc exploded........twice, so now that i fixed my pc with a tablespoon and cheese i wanted to make the truth come out to the light to show you that:









The End :lol:





Directed by : Acid

Written by: A Drunk Thundec*nt

Executive producer: Keith

Costume Design: Fred

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