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CoD4 Text Binds: How to make and use them.


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Text binds are a useful way to convey commonly used messages to the server at a touch of a button. They are fortunately very simple to make and will not require you to manually edit anything in your config. First step is simple just open your console in game by pressing ~ as this is where all the magic happens. To make this process easier to understand I have included the below screenshot. Notice I have color coded each individual part of the command. So lets begin by simply studying the below parts.




The bind entry reads /bind j say Enjoy making your binds. If I input this command in the console from then on if I am playing and press the j key it would make me say Enjoy making your binds to the server.


The / lets the console know you are issuing a command.

bind All binds must start with /bind this is the console command that makes it happen.

j This is the key I want to bind. Most keys may be used and I will cover the usable keys more later in the tutorial.

say This is tells the bind what to do with the information that comes next. More on this later.

Enjoy making your binds. This is the part of the bind that other people will see you say.


Starting to see how this works? I will give a few more simple examples below so you can get the idea.


/bind o say =F|A= is now recruiting. If interested let me know. would make you say =F|A= is now recruiting. If interested let me know. when o is pressed.

/bind k say Enemy fire left flank. would make you say Enemy fire left flank. when you pressed k.


Time to introduce 2 new concepts to this. What if I have a button I no longer want bound to a text because I keep accidently hitting it or no longer like it. If I had a command bound to the h key and I wanted to get rid of the bind I could just use the console command /unbind h to delete the bind for the h key.


What if I wanted a bind that only my team would see? Simple, instead of using say use say_team. An example of this is /bind v say_team Watch our left flank! then as you may have guessed if we are playing and I wanted to say Watch our left flank I would simply press v.




All the letters and numbers can be bound simply by using them in the bind command as done above.


All the F1-F12 keys can be bound. I will give an example /bind F3 say I like cookies and dirt! would make you say I like cookies and dirt! when you pressed F3. This is also a spam sort of bind. I encourage you not to bind this sort of thing.


Other keys that can be bound are [ ] ; ' , . / - = basically any symbol that can be typed without the use of the Shift key.


There are a few more that require whole words or alternate spellings I will list them below.


ins = Insert key

home = Home key

pgdn = Page Down key

pgup = Page Up key

end = End key

Del = Delete key


An example is /bind pgdn say_team Well Done will cause me to tell my team Well Done when I press the Page Down key.


Most of the buttons on the keypad can be used as well. They will work the same whether you have Num Lock on or not.


kp_end = Keypad 1

kp_downarrow = Keypad 2

kp_pgdn = Keypad 3

kp_leftarrow = Keypad 4

kp_5 = Keypad 5

kp_rightarrow = Keypad 6

kp_home = Keypad 7

kp_uparrow = Keypad 8

kp_pgup = Keypad 9

kp_ins = Keypad 0

kp_del = Keypad delete

kp_enter = keypad enter

kp_plus = Keypad +

kp_minus = keypad -

kp_slash = kepad /


An example is /bind kp_pgdn say I can make binds would make you say I can make binds when 3 on the keypad is pressed. Also bind keys are not case sensitive /bind Del will work just as well as /bind del.


And finally we come to the part that everyone has been waiting for. Say it with me.......




Colors are simple, all you have to do is type ^ followed by a number 0-9. An example is this /bind kp_plus say_team ^6I am ^2now ^1a bind ^5addict. will make you tell your team I am now a bind addict.


I will not post all the colors ^# as I think you will remember the colors better after playing with them yourself. Just remember only use ^# to color what you want to say. If you use colors as part of the command your bind will not work, for instance a bind starting with ^6/bind say or /bind ^6say will not work but /bind say ^6 will. It is important to note that once a color is given everything that comes after it will have that color until another color is selected.





-Do not bind useless spam to binds.

-If you have humor based binds use them rarely and change them now and then as even the funniest bind seen to many times too fast or too many times overall becomes irritating.

-If you are using recruiting binds do not use them too often as over use will make people feel sick everytime time they see =F|A=. Also if multiple people are using recruiting binds take turns there should never -be more than around 3 recruiting binds used per map tp keep them from getting irritating. I also suggest not using them every map or people will start ignoring them.

-If you use binds often to recruit, for the love of all things bacon, do not use the same one over and over and over..... Branch out show your creativity and make several so it does not get tiring for ppl to see.

-If you are the sort of person who places binds in places where they are constantly accidentally pressed then please do not use binds.

-Never under any circumstances use a =F|A= recruiting bind in a non =F|A= server.

-If using multiple colors in your bind do not do this. As you can see it gets very tiring very fast make whole words or groups of words the same color. See isn't that easier to read?


That about covers everything you need to know to start enjoying binds. If you see anything that should be added or have any questions feel free to post them. Now go out there and give rules and recruit in style.


Any questions or comments here is the link for the support topic for this tutorial. http://fearless-assa...512#entry131512

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Last Stand & Martyrdom Perks are not allowed on this server. No noob tube/grenade launcher. No glitch allowed.


Please chat only in English. Thank you




Sidste står & Martyriet Frynsegoder er ikke tilladt på denne server. Ingen noob glas/Pist gennemført. Ingen forbindelse tilladt. De bedes chat kun på engelsk. Tak


According to babble fish. I am sure someone who speaks Danish would make fun of me, but it should be close enough to convey the message.

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Hello, I have read that it is possible to make a bind where you can say multiple things by only pressing one key. Like: /bind f1 say "good;wait 200;say game;wait 200;say all" But when I try it, I only say the first part of it: good. Now, I can type the same exact thing into the console like this: /say good;wait 200;say game;wait 200;say all - and it does it. I also looked at what it says i have binded in my config and all that comes up is the first part so it says: bind f1 say "good". Can anybody help me with this?

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I found an awesome trick to use with text binds:

It is possible to use the mouse wheel as a bind key and its also possible to bind the primary attack function to any key you want... See where this is going?


Well with this trick a pistol becomes a deadly weapon, I hope it is't considered cheating though, let me know if it is.

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"I found an awesome trick to use with text binds:

It is possible to use the mouse wheel as a bind key and its also possible to bind the primary attack function to any key you want... See where this is going?


Well with this trick a pistol becomes a deadly weapon, I hope it is't considered cheating though, let me know if it is."




I don't think I see where it's going but I think you are tryin to say that you are kinda binding the pistol so that its like you are welding your primary and pitol at the sametime???? Something along them lines? Forgive for I am computer noob.

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copy, paste and enter each of these two lines to console(press ctrl+v to paste in open console):


/bind MWHEELUP "+attack"

/bind MWHEELDOWN "+attack"


after that, switch to your pistol and give the mousewheel a spin B)

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I have heard some text binds made by Douglas that have voice(sound) also. Not just typing as usual. How is that done? He has simple ones like "roger" etc. wonder how much more effective warns would be if players could hear them as apposed to just seeing (or more likely, NOT seeing) them!

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...if they are blue and make sounds....l soul thoses arent binds...when in game press b. these are called "quick text" pretty much if you hit b then 3 then 1, you can say roger in game just like doug does.

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