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Pic of the Day 25.06.21


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1 hour ago, DJ aka GDR DJ said:



This is what happens to "beaten paths".  They get worn down into troughs, get flooded and eventually become rivers.

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18 hours ago, Night Train said:



My first "Oh, Shit!" of the Day!  😄


18 hours ago, Night Train said:



I thought it was only a little bit funny, until I noticed all the carving work that someone had did on that cucumber-boat! Wow!  (or is it a squash?) That made it EPIC!

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Western women have not always "shaved their pits".  In times past, they never exposed them in public, either! 😄 


"Sophia Loren
Italian actress Sophia Loren relaxes on a beach in Italy, June 1954"


If you are interested in a Rights-Managed download, ranging from 'small, $175' to 'large', $499, you can get them from GettyImages : https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/italian-actress-sophia-loren-relaxes-on-a-beach-in-italy-news-photo/914909718?adppopup=true  (for 'commercial use' it turns out).


The Large is " 4916 x 3700 px (16.39 x 12.33 in), 300 dpi|18.2 MP", but you can get it for only $450!  Note that these are Rights-Managed downloads and not printed-pictures-in-expensive-frames! 😮 




(BTW, it seems to be okay to post this pic here, as it is not a "commercial use" situation.  FA does not charge for forum-access.)




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