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Black Ops Performance?????  

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  1. 1. Are you having performance issues with Black Ops?

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OK... I have looked around for performance figures that may be creeping in on black ops, and I am NOT liking what I am hearing.


I have seen numerous reports ( one post was 47 PAGES long at the time I looked) of MASSIVE performance issues showing up and making the game almost unplayable. has anyone seen anything like this?


Please post your system specs with your answer.


Looks like I wont be able to attempt this one until I upgrade my proc.

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shadow rendering is terrible... it hogs cpu.. when i turned it off, it was way better.


there are also server side issues.. default configs used by gameservers.com is a little screwed up. but they will be fixing as I'm sure they have thousands of tickets...

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My FPS is between 20 - 30 fps, once a while I"ll get higher.. :blink: I've played around with graphic settings(turn some features off, lower resolution)...still doesn't help that much...


Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz

ATI HD 4850X2 1GB


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I am getting 40 fps on 2.8 ghz 2 core with 2 nvia 9500 gts in 2 way sli..... each card has 1 gb of ddr2, with all graphis choke all the way down



what I dont understand is that I have 8 gigs of ram on my mobo and 4 gb of that is dedicated to graphics why am I having this issue?

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I can't play it at all. Lagging as hell.


Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00 GHz Memory 3.00GB Nvidia GeForce 8800


I might get a new Graphic card and more memory. Hopefully that gonna fix the problem

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I got phenom 955 x4 BE @ 3.8GHz, 8GB ddr2, and dual gtx 465's in SLi and im getting 65-75 FPS inside, 120 fps outside. All settings on low and the cards are overclocked to 800MHz core and 1600 shader, 1653 MHz on the memory.


Here are a few tips I used.


/cl_maxpackets 100

/snaps 30

/com_maxfps 120

/r_multigpu 1

/r_blur_allowed 0

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I seem to be getting anywhere from 80-100 FPS, but the only settings I have changed so far is turned sync every frame off, changed maxpackets, and snaps. I kept the shadows on and anti aliasing 4x.


i5 750 @ 2.67

4 gigs of ddr3 ram

HD5850 ati graphics card

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