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So I played  lots years ago and I have found my old config on a hard drive I had from back then.


But every time I try to load it now it just says "couldnt exec" my config. 


Would an old config not be able to be used in ET legacy? I have tried a config from these forums too but the same error message comes up? Am i missing something totally obvious?



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Ahh ok, It is in the ETmain folder at the moment and I put it in the silent one too.


I will double check im putting them in the ETlegacy one when im back home


My old CFG is from years ago, the one on this forum I tried I think was rendels, or a very recent one? 


I know im doing something noob wrong I juts have to figure out what 😂


Thanks for your responses 

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You can create your own cfg. 

Just type in console /writeconfig name of file. Cfg


Using cfg from other players can mess things up. 

Etl has also some cvars removed from 2.60b configs. 

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