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Jay1 kicks me





Hey guys 


I start playing on allies team and found my self kicked by server 


Dunno why 


Here a screen shot



Hoope you can help



RedBaird edited the ScreenShot to hide the GUID.





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GUID was showing
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I have also received the error/warning of "Your client is providing invalidate user information", but I don't think that I have been kicked for it.


I think that you should be able to restart ET or even just /reconnect to the server.


.I can look at the source-code for clues. 😄 .


I did a DuckDuck search for that phrase instead and found a topic on FA.  Several other sites say that it is a problem of a blank-name or a name with invalid characters in it (usually extended-ASCII characters).


The topic below made me notice that your ScreenShot shows your 'profile name' but that your  'ingame name' is blank!  


You should be able to start ET, open the console and type /name FLoki.  Do that before trying to join any servers.


Several other sites also say that a blank-name will cause this problem.  If you use the FA-name change option in our menu, then Do Not remove all the characters!  You must have at least one character in the edit-window as you change your name.


This might be you, on TBS, from 3 hours ago : https://et.trackbase.net/player/6226913/


IF that is you, then you can use these color codes /name ^5-^4f^0L^8o^3k^2i^6!^6?








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added name color-codes found on HC
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Silent mod is more relaxed in names (the characters that you are using), but others mods aren't. Delete thoses characters from your name and all should go normal :). Probably some color character code can't be used in jaymod


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13 hours ago, C0C4N4T10N said:

can't be used in jaymod


That TBS-name-link that might be him 😄 , shows him never playing on Jaymod, but only on Silent and NoQuaters mods, and 99.9% of the time on FA servers 😄

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