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Comp does not turn on after installing new processoer


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So i scavenged a pentium dual core from my friends comp, decided to put it in today


put it in, and turn on comp. It turns on, but no signal is sent to the monitor so nothing shows there.


i thought maybe faulty processor so i revert back to my old one.


same problem still, so what do i need to do? T_T

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Does the computer it self turn on? If so, the monitor cable might be bad if theres just no signal to the monitor, Need some more information as to what its doing before i give any more help so I can target the problem.

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Easiest way to tell is to open the PC up and see if something is charred in there. Best bet is to try RAM on another PC and if it works then I'd say it's motherboard. Though in my case there were sounds of constant restarting coming from PC but it rarely managed to get past POST. Another thought, maybe it's the PSU or the fuse in it.

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Lol sounds pretty bad. Burning odor is not a good thing that is for sure lol (is anything burnt?)

Desu what was your previous CPU before you replaced it with your friends dual core? (this might be important to know)

What you can do right now?


Do a simple check. Make sure all you case wires are still connected and the 20+4 pin cpu connector. If all those are plugged in correctly and the computer doesn't even start up, light up, post or beep, then try to test if the power supply.

How to test the power supply?

Just short it using a paper clip. It doesn't hurt the power supply but just force starts it without the use of a computer (make sure you unplug everything from the power supply). If the power supply fan is running that means it is working



-Turn off Power Supply Unit (PSU)

-Find Green wire on the PSU's motherboard 20/24 pin cable

-Find any black wire on the PSU's motherboard 20/24 pin cable

- stick one end of a paper clip in the green wire socket and the other in the black wire socket.



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