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NQ wrong checksum?

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Hey there.

SO I'm trying to get NQ working and end up¬†with this "local file exists but with wrong checksum" every time. Do I need to download anything?¬†change anything? Help ! ūüėĄ


It says downloading but always comes back to the same message and I have to exit. Nothing happens and a download will not start either **edit




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I am not familiar with NQ but i think you may need to delete the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.pk3 file from your  nq or et main directory and then re download the new updated file from the server.

what is happening is its saying u already have the file or a similar named file but it dosnt match the file required
they may have updated the  zzzzzzzzzzz.pk3

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suggestions: (the file could be damaged )


1-try using the ip numbers for join 

2-delete this file with wrong checksum (it is in nq folder) , go again to nq1 and let download it from the server

3-delete all nq folder, and join the server, is the most secure but you will lose xp

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delete your zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.pk3


download this one, unzip it and drag the file in your NQ folder. If it doesn't work then we will have to dig deeper



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