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Revolution mod for noquarter (Funquarter) - Enemy Territory MOD


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Revolution mod for noquarter (Funquarter)

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Mod: Revolution mod for noquarter
Version: b1
ET Version: 2.55 or 2.60b

This is a mod that runs on noquarter (and only noquarter) and replaces several weapons and adds some cool stuff. It recycles some weapon skins that you may be familiar with, however it FULLY adds them to the source code and game.  The classes were changed a bit to provide new strategy and something different.  This mod was designed for our frag and sniper servers. So now we are sharing it. Before you install it, check out our server at bottom of page and see if you like it.     


Install as an standalone NQ release (sorted out by @Blu2300)



* M4 Carbine- Soldier/Allies (replaces plain sten)
* AK47- Special Ops/Allies (replaces stg44)
* Tesla Port- Special Ops/Allies (an original RTCW weapon that replaces flamethrower)
* Unsupressed Sten MKII- Soldier/Axis (added by noquarter)
* M3 Snooper- Specialops/Axis (replaces fg42)
* 12 Gague- Most classes (a reskinned version of jaymod shotty)
* Venom II- Soldier and Femme Fatale (medic), both classes (reskinned and less fire delay)
* Chainsaw

Skill Rewards:

* Level 4 Light Weapons:  Most classes get a chainsaw (heavy melee weapon)
* Level 4 Medic: SpecialOps gets medpacks

Other Changes:

* Elite Soldier class gets more grenades, and can supply their own ammo
* Femme Fatale class is an elite female medic that carries a venom and can also snipe
* Accuracy table updated with new weapons
* Limbo menu updated
* Kill announcements updated
* Most all references to weapons or classes updated
* Chainsaw has an occasional critical effect and gibs play instantly, also can overheat
* Uniforms and limbo menu are reskinned
* This mod was build on noquarter 1.2.4 source code, so it has some of the fix/features in 1.2.5
* When stealing a special ops or femme fatale uniform, the disguise is not 100% complete (you can tell by the face)
* Made shortcuts to !listplayers and !nextmap commands, it is now !li and !ne (like jaymod)

/// BUGS

* Regular NoQuarter bugs of 1.2.3
* Sometimes the chainsaw will be given before level 4 light weapons then goes away next spawn
* Too many files in the etmain folder will cause disconnects at map starts.  This is a NQ problem on 2.55.  
It seems that 6 files are the limit on our server.  The server-side fix is to simply combine map files into the same .pk3.  

This is beta version, so help me test it out!  

If you can mod, perhaps you can help with fixes and improve skins and weapon animations.
Credit will be given.      

/// Fixes

* Poll votes work 
* Banners now work on ET 2.55 and dont give you an error message (I found this really dumb)
* One of the disconnect errors was re-worded so players know what to do if disconnected


etpub forums
Berzerkr (GER)- skins
us | Monkey- skins
Baiter- skins
Blowfish- skins
k4m!l0$- skins
GuNer- skins & code changes

If I forgot anyone, email me. 

Author: =POW=GuNer
Website: http://www.powclan.forumotion.com
Private Msg "guner"
Game Server:


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It needs to be run as a standalone NQ release, otherwise it won't start, no need to put other NQ files, just the ones provided by the Revolution NQ mod, AFAIK there are no issues with this, have tested this out a lot when bored and used Omni-bot 0.71 with no issues (just lacking some map waypoints), the equivalent NQ version is 1.2.4 as stated by the server info in my local server.


Haven't tried other Omni-bot versions yet, don't know if there are any issues with those.

Edited by Blu2300
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13 minutes ago, Blu2300 said:

 the equivalent NQ version is 1.2.4 as stated by the server info in my local server.


Yeah revolution says its built on 1.2.4 source code.



This mod was build on No Quarter 1.2.4 source code

NQ build wise usually went odds, so 1.1.1, 1.2.3, 1.2.5, 1.2.7 etc

Sadly 1.3.x was never released and the devs moved to legacy so NQ stopped 1.2.9_beta6



Omnibot wise


No Quarter 1.2.3 - 1.2.7 supports Omni-Bot 0.71




Did you manage to get a server up and running so your mates could play?

Edited by Snuffs99
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27 minutes ago, Snuffs99 said:



Did you manage to get a server up and running so your mates could play?

Just over a LAN network still haven't sorted out the port forwarding issue, but that is a problem from my part, so it should be good to run a dedicated server over Internet, can configure and all stuff with no issue in noquarter.cfg (obviously pre 1.2.4 bitflags and all that stuff)

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