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  1. Poison needle in order to get some time and do obj, enemy is useless in that span of time until he bleeds out.
  2. Agree, no changes needed, and as I mentioned before, this mechanic is exploitable. Is there an option to add a popup on player screen? That reads something like "Dont harm your allies" or something like that, so that players notice their mistake and stop. Example: And I don't know if the complaints system works, but maybe implementing a sit out mechanic if you get too many TK complaints, for example, 3 complaints filled and you get 5 min locked in spec mode or kicked in the worst of cases, obviously this may only be for kills with bullet weapons or knife, because for explosives it is kind of difficult to avoid teammates sometimes. But Reverse Friendly Fire has no place in this game in my opinion, FF is another tool in a medic's inventory because of how game works. And it would be outright stupid to be gibbed from far away due to a explosion you caused with a panzer and a teammate got in the way of it.
  3. This may lead to overpowered strats that are only possible in no FF mode, for example you could arty a tank barrier in order for your team to plant the dynamite harmless, and wiping out the other team in the process, with only a minor sacrifice of one person. This is possible with any kind of explosive, used in an area denial role, applies also for the flamethrower. If you have played Rainbow Six Siege, imagine using Fuze to wipe out a room full of enemies while your team rushes in, so they can't escape while your teammates don't take any damage, only claiming your own life. I don't think it is a good idea to implement this kind of stuff, as it can be exploited to one's favor. However, on the funny side, it should be hilarious to see people suddenly gibbing due to explosive damage being reflected to them from far away.
  4. I remember installing Windows 10 around December for ransom, could get ET running the first days, but then after it started to lag and crash constantly, dunno what happened, came back to Windows 7 Don't know a lot about GPU issues, so lets try removing that card, maybe? If you can't get it running I suggest installing another Windows version or use another one via Virtual PC in the worst of cases. Good Luck my friend
  5. I think the !resetmystats command does the trick
  6. Maybe, installing a fresh ET, and downloading an etkey from etkey.org and putting it in Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etmain directory. Don't know of what would cause that issue
  7. I have been playing CS:GO since it was made free and it is awesome, not as many cheaters as people think, just one or two once in a while, people is mostly mature and kick those guys for others wellbeing, play Competitive, it is the best CS:GO has to offer, and grind until level 21 to get Prime status and get a better Matchmaking experience (No cheaters).
  8. @daredevil I would really appreciate if you give this topic a look. Thanks for your attention and great work!
  9. River Port No Waypoint.rar @Buckwild I think you are the man for this kind of stuff, correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. As you may see, there are no Bot Waypoints in MLB Hotchkiss and River Port in Fun#2 server at least. Moulaya informed me and I went to investigate Demo of River Port in the comments below, due to max total size of uploads.
  11. Managed to replicate it in Fun#2 Server using the glitch, didn´t think it was too easy to perform lol
  12. I think it all talks by itself... 013239.txt
  13. As you may notice, bots on NQ server dont go into a DBNO state when wounded, and tap out outright instead, making them impossible to revive in anyway, so making them "woundeable" in order to be able to revive them is a must, how many times could I have completed the obj, but because bot tapped out he couldn't plant dyno, defuse, etc. Also there must be an issue with medics on allies, there are no allied medic bots at all, I suggest putting bots in this order by class: Engineer Medic Covert Ops Field Ops Soldier For example: Allies team has 6 bots playing, so there must be 2 Engineers and 1 of the other classes. And also, I would like to see bot count reduced to 6v6 or 5v5 on NQ1 and NQ2, so much bots it is impossible to focus sometimes and do an obj without wiping all of em single-handedly. NQ1 server fills up with people in high hours naturally anyways.
  14. Neutral CP in no man's land building (center of the map) with an extra spawn there for whatever team has CP, so to encourage teamwork. Constructible barricades in base main gate and underground big tunnel, destroyable by Satchel Charge. And add outpost as destroyable obj, some icon or else on it, because AFAIK it can be destroyed and rebuilt. Something to ride, maybe kinda difficult dunno what it could, maybe an underground minecart road, but would need to redo map.

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