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  1. Should also try Rainbow Six Siege and Modern Warfare, have seen a lot of people into Warzone recently.
  2. @Zelly What's up man, haven't heard anything about u recently, hope u are doing well my man. Just found something related to Funquarter, by any chance u still have the mod? Would like to give it a try again, good memories back from 2011 at RDA.
  3. Would like to check that stuff out and see if I can understand it, have some knowledge in C++, and they say Lua is kinda similar to it, if I get it, I could help you guys out a bit more around here.
  4. Exactly lol. It could be used for scouting the enemy as you said, also might try /playdead, have used sometimes and pays off well.
  5. More time is just more options, that is why I suggest taking it all the way up to 60, just in case someone has a great position and just needs the rez. Good to see 30 from 20 solved those issues Very unlikely someone will wait one minute downed, but its great to have more options in my opinion.
  6. Bump, with the explosive spam, I would give all the attacking team flak jacket, so as they have an edge over defenders camping obj, example: Goldrush Defender Engis would still keep them, as it is an integral part of an Engi.
  7. Didn't know this even existed lol, I would suggest turning it up to 60, just for having another option, doesn't hurt anyone, but if you are in a good position and u just need a revive to turn the tide, u might aswell have the option to hold on, still, most people tapout when spawn timer is close or u get instagibbed with explosive spam, so, not a really notable change, but it could be useful in some situations if u know this...
  8. Venom is the M249 of CSGO but in ET, unpredictable recoil and spread Just useful at close range and almost impossible to tap fire, due to the Warmup time (Just talking about Venom this time), at least you dont have to spend $5200 every time u use it lol. Haven't really seen this weapon played at all, it might be more useful if the warmup time is reduced or eliminated entirely, so, at close range it would dominate and see some use, just my 2 cents...
  9. Bump, again, it has been a long time playing the same stuff...
  10. I regularly play on NQ2, I like it the way it is, could use some tweaks and addons to make it more fun though, people gets on at some time of the day also, as for the Fun #1, I never see people there (Nitmod), surprisingly, I tried Fun #2 the other day and found some peeps on it (NQ), so I would rather go with Fun #1... I don't think Nitmod is appealing to people.
  11. Lol tried to download clips, and they aren't available anymore, anyone still has them?, would like to watch them again, just a trip down the memory lane. And actually, it may be great to make something like this happen again, although it could be a 3v3 or the like.
  12. Just finally got some gameplay of it hehe.
  13. Blu2300

    Happy Birthday!

    Hey, thanks to you all guys, just seen forum. Been busy with some other stuff, see ya soon!
  14. Poison needle in order to get some time and do obj, enemy is useless in that span of time until he bleeds out.
  15. Agree, no changes needed, and as I mentioned before, this mechanic is exploitable. Is there an option to add a popup on player screen? That reads something like "Dont harm your allies" or something like that, so that players notice their mistake and stop. Example: And I don't know if the complaints system works, but maybe implementing a sit out mechanic if you get too many TK complaints, for example, 3 complaints filled and you get 5 min locked in spec mode or kicked in the worst of cases, obviously this may only be for kills with bullet weapons or knife, because for explosives it is kind of difficult to avoid teammates sometimes. But Reverse Friendly Fire has no place in this game in my opinion, FF is another tool in a medic's inventory because of how game works. And it would be outright stupid to be gibbed from far away due to a explosion you caused with a panzer and a teammate got in the way of it.

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