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Why Lunar Landers Had Jumper Cables For Emergencies




Author's comments:

Scott Manley , Published on Jun 14, 2019

The engineers who developed the Apollo program spacecraft really liked to try and think of everything, and that included emergency procedures for almost every contingency. In one scenario an astronaut would leave the Lunar Module with a set of cables designed to transfer power to a stranded lunar module.

Some of the comments on the video were thoughtful and some were amusing:


shark,  2 days ago
And to think I rolled my eyes while reading The Martian when Mark Watney jumpstarted Pathfinder...


Bram Moerman, 2 days ago

November, 1965, when the Northeast US had a major blackout. . .   To get the FIRST powerplant of the grid running they needed “inplant power”, which they did not have.  So they used employees’ cars, with jumper cables to get the first plant fired up

Alejandro Pacheco, 2 days ago
Fun fact: according to NASA, in case the crew couldn't jump start the lander, one of the astronauts would've needed to push the module fast enough so the other astronaut could start the engine using the clutch.




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