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Got Vinyl?

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always on the lookout myself, i collect vinyl and tapes :D tapes come around cheaper rather than good vinyls

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Here is some of mine vinyls  ( not for sale )  😉






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original releases mainly metal, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Kreator, Anthrax, Ozzy, Metallica. I like recording as a hobby so ive tons of those, lovely Chrome's :D sound great

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Hi, guys! I have some vinyl and want to share it with others. Which styles do you prefer? 😍


RB says that this is a possible spambot, trying to seem more human.




NOPE, he replied here, in a very human way :D 




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spambot? no, probably not, unless they have gotten even more sophisticated!
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Anyone else on Discogs? in USA.


Looking for anyone with 80s and 90s Metal/Punk. 

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I have over 250+ LP and eps of mainly Punk/HC/Metal Vinyl. Tried to document them at recordnerd.com years ago but that was a pain 😄 Maybe I'll try again. 

Any who, here are a couple pictures. 





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