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  1. m0gul


    Hello and welcome, picked a good community to come back to the game I only started playing recently after a long break. Used to play silent but, I'm a Jaymod guy Best of Luck in game!
  2. They won't ground the fleet in USA because its an American made craft, it's a very dangerous way of saying "We trust this plane, there's nothing to worry about". Be it an Airbus having two accidents on USA soil they would ground the fleet immediately. A lit of politics involved over peoples safety...
  3. It's scary to think something like that could happen, calling someone like that an animal would be a compliment...
  4. Hello man, good game yesterday and great laugh on discord.
  5. I did say hello in another Thread but here goes a long story about me, definitely haven't filled one of these in years! Real Life! First name: Rokas Any sort of Nickname?: Rocko/Rocco Age: 27 What country are you from?: Ireland Are you a Parent?: Nah How many siblings do you have?: 1 younger sister What's your shoe size?: UK size 9/10 What do you do for a living?: Warehouse worker Greatest Fear?: Dying alone Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Played on stage Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!): Walked into doors.... First thing you look for in a new friend?: Honesty and Integrity Farthest you've been from home?: Been to USA. What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: Coming back to ET its the only server I could remember where I've enjoyed gaming. Cat or Dog?: Doge, got a Jack Russel / Beagle mix What are your hobbies?: Airsoft, Playing Guitar, Recording music What kind of Sports do you like?: Not a very sporty person, I do cycle on nice days What's your favorite color?: Red How about your favorite type of music?: Thrash Metal, Metal, Speed Metal... the good stuff Favorite Song?: at the moment Live Like An Angel, Die Like a Devil by Venom What's your favorite TV show?: of all time? hmmmm... Top Gear before it went downhill What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action Favorite Movie?: so many to chose from so ill just pick Matrix as it came to me the quickest Favorite Book?: uhhh damn i can't remember the author Mayan Prophecy What do you like most about yourself?: damn punctual... What do you hate most about yourself?: shy and very closed up, do try to get out of comfort zone though that doesn't always work out fine What makes you very happy?: Being home relaxing, gaming What makes you very sad?: Having to wind down for the night after a good game What's your favorite beverage?: Monster Ripper What you're favorite food/snack?: Spaghetti or a good juicy Burger Favorite actor/Actress?: Sylvester Stallone, a badass Favorite season? Why?: Summer, open those windows and sunroof and go for a cruise Favorite subject in school?: Geography Favorite thing to learn about?: Science If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Mexico or China What are your top three games of all time?: W:ET, CS:S, Half-Life 2 Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: Racing Sims Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: hmm I don't think i have one like that How many games do you own?: over 100 on steam library Do you play console?: very rarely, to the point where I could say no What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): PC 4 Life What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): YouTube
  6. hmmm i did copy the last few digits as asked, ill have a look after work again, thanks for the heads up.
  7. Cheers for the warm welcome! Definitely the community to be in for some honest gaming
  8. Hello, My name is Rokas, from Dublin/Ireland, although of Lithuanian Nationality I love analogue music formats and play Airsoft on the weekends with my Mp-40 & Parabellum-Pistole or just simply Luger, which gives me a great feeling being able to use the same Guns in game and in real life Games Turned 27 recently and been having the urge and nostalgic feeling and missing the fun of W:ET, been around since the launch of the game but life got in the way and had to abandon for a number of years. As my skill has dropped significantly dropped since my teenage obsession of no life and W:ET for life I drop by on F|A BEGINNERS XPS FOREVER during the evening and more on Weekends, so I hope to see you sometime in game and cause some mayhem See you all in game and I hope you great day and weekend. .m0gul

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We are glad you decided to stop by our website and servers. At Fearless Assassins Gaming Community (=F|A=) we strive to bring you the best gaming experience possible. With helpful admins, custom maps and good server regulars your gaming experience should be grand! We love to have fun by playing online games especially W:ET, Call of Duty Series, Counter Strike: Series, Minecraft, Insurgency, DOI, TF2 & Battlefield Series and if you like to do same then join us! Here, you can make worldwide friends while enjoying the game. Anyone from any race and country speaking any language can join our Discord and gaming servers. We have clan members from US, Canada, Europe, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Australia, Brazil, UK, Austria, Poland, Finland and many other countries. It doesn't matter how much good you are in the game or how much good English you speak. We believe in making new friends from all over the world. If you want to have fun and want to make new friends join up our gaming servers and our VoIP servers any day and at any time. .

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