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Fun Beach 2 Final

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Funbeach 2 Final




Author: Marko

Allies:Fight your way up FUN beach, break into the ventilationsystem of the basement to reach the radar base, thendestroy the Axis radar.Primary:- Destroy the ventilation power generator- Destroy the Axis radarSecondary:- Breach the front bunker door- Breach the lower bunker door- Capture the beach bunkers' flag- Construct the assault ramp- Invade the Axis base by breaching  the base wall.  Axis:Annihilated the Allied assault on FUN beach & protect thebase back radar.Primary:- Defend ventilation the power generator- Defend the radarSecondary:- Don't let Allies breach the front door- Don't let Allies breach the lower bunker door- Defend the beach bunkers' flag- Don't let Allies build the assault ramp- Protect the Axis base wall breach- Defend the back base security door