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About This File

This is my current vsay chat system. I learned how to create custom vsays today, and then wanted to make my own chat system for them. The system uses the numpad on your keyboard as follows:


Three control keys: 7, 8 and 9 are your control keys. 7 will set Global vsays, 8 will set Team vsays and 9 will set Fun vsays.


Global uses keys 1 - 6 on the numpad:

  • 1 = Hi
  • 2 = Bye
  • 3 = Cheer
  • 4 = Great Shot
  • 5 = Thanks
  • 6 = You're welcome

Team uses keys 4-6 on the numpad:

  • 4 = Need a Medic (With current HP appended)
  • 5 = Need Ammo (With current amount of ammo)
  • 6 = We need an engineer

I'm currently working on Fun because I've created it using multiple levels. So I could potentially add up to 200+ custom vsays on there. There is one vsay on there at the moment, to show how it'll be used. To use it, it's 9444 on the numpad.


Well, that's it. Hope you enjoy the first instalment of my Vsay Chat System :)


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