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About This File

Key Binds:

  • ' = Create Fire team Invite All
  • k,MOUSE3 = Self Kill, Force tapout
  • p = Playdead
  • F5 = Covops Class Toggle
  • KP_HOME = Spawn Toggle (1-5/Default)
  • UPARROW = Medic Class
  • LEFTARROW = Engineer Class Toggle
  • DOWNARROW = Fieldops Class
  • RIGHTARROW = Soldier Class Toggle
  • MOUSE 4 = Walk Toggle

IMPORTANT! You must set your own custom width and monitor height to match what your have or your monitor supports else ET will not load if your monitor does not support the given width and height, I have set it to 800x600 simply to avoid this problem for you here are the cvars to change under //#!monitor section.



seta r_customwidth "800"
seta r_customheight "600"




  • Class Selector
  • Spawn Timer
  • Spawm Selector
  • Better ETpro settings as I play ETpro more I will add/remove some of these.

* 90% of included cvars documented


Have Fun Enjoy!

What's New in Version 2.1


  • - Fixed pb issues, enhanced gfx settings a bit, removed vsay_team spam, some other errors.
  • - Major changes complete re-write too many too list
  • - Initial Init