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We are proud to present the new duel map for ET (also possible to play 2on2) - Badplace4_beta8! Originally, The Bad Place was DM4 from Quake1 - "One of the three id Software maps included in the "big five" for 1on1 play, created by American McGee" - the version most known to us all is the RtCW remake badplace3 used to create the ET multi_huntplace.


This modified version of The Bad Place is brought to you by MaTeJ, who has worked on maps such as tjwar_a1_fixed and crypt_final_fixed - his remake of the multi_huntplace map is a better, more complex version with some minor bug fixes and generally attempted to make the map more fun to play and tactical.



Map Info


Genre: WAR (1on1&2on2)

Type: Frag

Gametype: SW

Timelimit: 5min


Global Map Rules


Class: FieldOps

Frag: Deathcounts

Grenades: Allowed

Artillery/Support: Disallowed

Selfkills: Allowed

Spawnkills: Allowed

No pauses: Due to bug (item respawn)




Recommended Mod: ETPro

Recommended Client Settings: r_fastsky 0 - tele-camera

Recommended Client Settings (4 Fireteam): /b_locationMode 0

Recommended Client Settings (4 Fireteam): /b_locationMaxChars 25

Additional Client Settings: /cg_wolfparticles 1 - steam of broken pipe


Spawn Settings


Default Random Spawn: /setspawnpt 0

Alternative Random Spawn: /setspawnpt 2


Items on Map


1x AMMO Resupply Spot 15sec Violet

9x 5HP Healing Spots 15sec Green

5x 20HP Healing Spots 20sec Yellow

3x 50HP Healing Spots 25sec R





Original Author (RtCW): Refuse

Remade Author (ET): MaTeJ

Version Idea (ET): LoCk


Important Information

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