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The guys at MyGamingTalk.com have released a brilliant update to the ever improving silEnT MOD for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory; this time bringing some superb new features!


Special thanks for Krauersaut for building the Mac OS X client.

What's New in Version 0.6.0 (See full changelog)

  • * Added: New dialog window under silEnT menu for screen resolutions. This dialog has autodetected possible resolution and includes widescreen resolutions.
  • * Added: ETPro compatible access to sess.aWeaponStats (a GET by weapon index returns a 5-element table of numbers), from pheno of ETPub.
  • * Added: Optional aliases database. New commands !aliases, !aliasesdel, !aliassearch and !userinfo now has an option to show the stored aliases. New server cvar g_dbMaxAliases.
  • * Added: Mute information is displayed in with the !finger command. This includes time left, mute reason and who muted.
  • * Added: Players can freely choose the type of hit sounds they prefer. This is controlled with cg_hitSoundType cvar. Related to this, server admins can configure the type of hit sounds the players default if they do not specifically select any type. By defult, the cg_hitSoundType is 0, which means server configured hit sounds and allowing custom hit sounds in custom pk3 files. Read documentation about g_hitsounds, g_defaultHitSounds and cg_hitSoundType. There is also an additional paragraph about adding custom hit sounds.
  • * Added: g_misc flag 256. Setting this flag disables the "First Blood" announcement.
  • * Added: g_logOptions flag 1024. This flag allows logging every player drop. It can be usefull for inspecting the server operation, but it will also cause lot of needless log writes.
  • * Added: g_realPlayTime cvar. Used to show additional real play time of the payer (without spec time) in the debriefing screen.
  • * Added: Flag 8 to g_playerCounting. Bots are not included into the player count.
  • * Added: Cvar based enabling of both Thompson and MP40 to the limbo menu selection regardless of the team (g_classWeapons, flag 8)
  • * Added: cg_effectDistance client cvar which can be used to control the maximum distance to draw the bullet effects.
  • * Reworked: Class skills can be freely enabled/disabled in any order using 0 and -1 in the skill_(x) server cvars.
  • * Reworked: The !finger command now shows the client operating system, again. This information was removed in the 0.5.2 because of unreliability in the full string.
  • * Reworked: PPSh first person view model.
  • * Reworked: The commands !gib, !lol, !pip and !pop no longer do it to everyone if target is not specified.
  • * Fixed: Statistics bug with satchel charge.
  • * Fixed: Shrubbot commands !useredit and !usereditpb didn't allow editing players with level higher then 32 when attempted with rcon.
  • * Fixed: A bug in the player name cleaning allowed empty names using spaces.
  • * Fixed: Player name doesn't change anymore everytime the name edit field loses focus. OK button must be clicked for the changes to take effect.
  • * Fixed: Persistent SMG kills and deaths were getting lost if the player reconnected during the map.
  • * Fixed: Dropping the helmet multiple times when repeated hits to the head. With antilag enabled.
  • * Fixed: g_inactivityOptions flag 4 was not moving players to spectator. Fix from pheno of ETPub.
  • * Fixed: Lagometer transparency (couldn't change lagometer transparency)
  • * Fixed: Fireteam window transparency (improper drawing)
  • * Fixed: Fireteam member information going over the window edge when latching to another class.
  • * Fixed: g_noSkillUpgrades now locks the skills to the enabled ones, instead of changing every skill to 0.
  • * Fixed: !readadmins command did not add admins correctly into the database. Versions affected on various levels from 0.5.0 to 0.5.2.
  • * Fixed: Client inactivity timer ETPro compatible. Fix from pheno of ETPub.
  • * Fixed: animation timing bug mainly for weapalts (switch to/from)
  • * Fixed: reverted back (removed) fix for thrown knife dodging introduced in 0.5.2 version.