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DEMOSTATS 1.0 by SunLight - Readme



This little tool will extract some statistics from a Wolfenstein-ET demo.


It is fully working *only with etpro demos*, but jaymod demos and silent mod

demos are partially supported.

So you will get full headshots and damage statistics only with etpro demos.



Linux version is command line only, example usage:

$ ./demostats demoname.dm_84 | less



Windows version has both a command line version (demostats.exe)

and a gui (demostats_gui.exe).


Since Winblows console sux hard, I decided to put a gui :P, so if you use Win

run the gui, and drag and drop a demo file inside the window.


(note: demostats.exe must be in the same path as the gui)



Some infos about the stats:


- damage is only bullet damage, no grenades or any explosive weapon is counted

- 1on1 damage is when both players didn't receive damage from others

- accuracy under fire and 1on1 is higher than the one shown by the game because

gibbing is not counted, and prefire as well


It's based on a test mod I had made years ago, probably nobody will find it

useful, but some (me, for example) might want to know if they just suck in 1on1

and accuracy, or they are just crossfired from all sides :P





no installation is required, just put the files in some folders

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Changes:
  • - Silent demos now have headshots infos for the recorded player (thanks gaoesa!)
  • - Fixed many bugs and improved statistics. (New algorithm for 1on1 damage...)
  • - Linux command line tools compiled for both 32 and 64 bits
  • (tested on Fedora13 32bit and ArchLinux 64bit)
  • - Windows version now has a much better GUI, and it does much more than demo statistics:
  • It scans ET demos in any folder, with player name, server name, mod and map infos.
  • You can also rename or delete demos.