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Whoreage Canyon whoreage.pk3

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The Allies have to cross an idyllic mountain landscape in order to reach the Axenlager, where they then have to zertören installations.

The map is designet very pretty and has quite a few hiding places and secret paths. However, she is not compensated because the Allies have in addition to bad coverage options also very little time for their mission.



The Allies will fight to the beach for the first spawnflags and sunder bunker door in the beginning. Sniper set out on the open field at the start particularly well, since the axes of their MG42's are the biggest threat.

You should then be beyond the flag from the entrance gate as quickly as possible to the radio station so that the flag is superfluous and thus it can not be retrieved from the opponents. Now make this radio station trying to blow up. However, this is not easy, because these axes are spawn is in the immediate vicinity.

In the vicinity of the flag point and a second bunker door blow open, through which one passes into the inner complex. There should establish the Command Post and then advance then to the generator, which must of course also split. Here is the best use of the ducts, sneak around to specific destinations.

All MG42 positions, you can turn on this map the way with grenades.



The goal of the Axis is not difficult: In the beginning, all-MG42 positions are equally populated and built to repel the attackers. By the way must also spawnflags defended and the environment are properly mined there. The Command Post should then be nailed together already.

If the second bunker door burst open, the generator must be tightened defendet. The same applies to the transmitter, if the gate was destroyed.


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