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Byzantine Final - byzantine.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: byzantine.pk3

Map name: byzantine.bsp




NOTICE: This version fixes some bugs in the latest released final version.


General Info:


Byzantine is a large, dual-objective, city-themed map. The map offers an extensive underground, 2-level command map and two returnable objectives for each side. The original inspiration was the city of Istanbul, but it has since changed to a point where it no longer bears any resemblance to that city, save for a couple of place names. It is intended for larger servers and crowds who liked Market Garden for RTCW.




Dual objective

City themed

Built for 20+ players (minimum)

Both sides must cap two objectives

One objective is behind a dynamitable door, the second objective is behind a constructable wall/fence and must be disassembled (1.5 chargebar) first in order to uncover the returnable objective

2 level command map

Overview graphic is included in .zip file



Recommended Player Load: 20+ players, large map. Has been tested on a 60-slot server and seems to hold up under a lot of people