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Arta B1 + waypoints Beta 1

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1] Cross the Bridge.
2] Breach the Underground Base Main Door.
3] Destroy the Plane Prototype.
4] Destroy the Jet Engine Prototype.
5] Steal their Project Files! Use the Command Post to transmit it.
6] Establish a Command Post.
7] *Secondary* Destroy the Generator to cut power from Dam sidedoor.
8] *Secondary* Blow a secondary route through an Air Inlet.
9] *Secondary* Construct an Assault Ramp to weaken Axis Choke point.


1] Prevent the Allies from crossing the Bridge.
2] Prevent the Allies from entering the Underground Base.
3] Protect the Plane Prototype.
4] Protect the Jet Engine Prototype.
5] Protect the Project Files. Do not let them Transmit it!
6] Prevent Allies from establishing a Command Post.
7] *Secondary* Don't let them destroy Generator to cut power from Dam sidedoor.
8] *Secondary* Stop them from entering the Base through an Air Inlet.
9] *Secondary* Don't let them construct an Assault Ramp.

What's New in Version Beta 1


  • Installation:
  • Put the pk3 file into your Etmain folder.
  • Uninstallation:
  • Delete the pk3 file from your Etmain folder.
  • =====================================================
  • Changelog:
  • Second test:
  • -Axis First Spawn moved closer to River
  • -Side route to the hill with an assault ramp
  • -CP on the hill
  • -Documents inside the base, transmit with CP
  • -Remove third prototype dynomiteable
  • -Objective info stuff
  • Third Test:
  • -Added a generator at dam to limit using the dam side entrance. Destroying generator opens the door.
  • -Added door to block Allies from using base entrance near Axis spawn
  • -Allies capture spawn 1 spline earlier
  • -Warnings when entering base/dam
  • -Bug fixes
  • -Details


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