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lenovo.Notebook cfg 21-02-2017

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About This File

this cfg is really done with commitment , inludes all scripts


Fieldops Fire For Effects
speed jump
crosshair change
crosshairColor change all colors
crosshairSize change from 20 to 80
fov change from 90 to 130
sensitivity change from 3 to 5
maxpackets change 30 43 76 100
rate change from 25000 to 90000
timenudge change from 0 to -50
advantage class selector
spawnpoint selector 5 spawnpoints
script afk spectator mode
join team axis or allies
sound volume + sound mute
get condump guid screenshot
show/noshow clock
walk on/off
MaxFPS change 125 - 76 - 43
fire advanced
demo recorder on/off
wav recorder on/off
show/noshow FPS and Lagometer


copy on etmain folder




exec lenovo.cfg on console


Help for Binds


TAB "+scores"
ENTER "vstr map"
ESCAPE "togglemenu"
SPACE "weaponbank 6"
' "players; Echo Current Status: Info Players; wait 50;toggleconsole"
, "mapzoomout"
- "zoomout"
. "mapzoomin"
0 "vstr AxisAllies"
1 "weaponbank 1"
2 "weaponbank 2"
3 "weaponbank 4"
4 "weaponbank 7"
5 "setspawnpt 0;say_team Spawn 0 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
6 "setspawnpt 1;say_team Spawn 1 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
7 "setspawnpt 2;say_team Spawn 2 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
8 "setspawnpt 3;say_team Spawn 3 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
9 "setspawnpt 4;say_team Spawn 4 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
< "vstr speedjump"
= "zoomin"
@ "autoscreenshot"
` "toggleconsole"
a "+moveleft"
b "+zoom"
c "+prone"
d "+moveright"
e "+leanright"
f "+activate"
g "VoiceChat song13"
h "VoiceChat speech70"
i "r_ignorehwgamma 1;vid_restart"
j "VoiceChat song6"
k "VoiceChat taunt2"
l "openlimbomenu"
m "vstr st"
n "mp_quickmessage"
o "r_ignorehwgamma 0;vid_restart"
p "s_volume 0; Echo Current Status: Sound Mute"
q "+leanleft"
r "+reload"
s "+back"
t "messagemode"
u "mp_quickmessage"
v "vstr FFE; VoiceteamChat FireInTheHole"
w "+forward"
x "vstr walk_t"
y "messagemode2"
z "mp_fireteammsg"
~ "toggleconsole"
BACKSPACE "setspawnpt 5;say_team Spawn 5 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
CAPSLOCK "weaponbank 5"
PAUSE "vstr pausetoggle"
UPARROW "vstr gamma"
DOWNARROW "vstr sens"
LEFTARROW "vstr fov"
RIGHTARROW "vstr sound"
ALT "weaponbank 4;wait 120;+attack;wait 20;-attack;wait 10;kill; forcetapout; say_team Kill!!!"
CTRL "+movedown"
SHIFT "+sprint"
F1 "vote yes"
F2 "vote no"
F3 "ready"
F4 "notready"
F7 "vstr clock"
F8 "vstr crosshr"
F9 "vstr crosshair"
F10 "vstr crosshairsize"
F11 "vstr nextwav"
F12 "vstr nextdemo"
KP_LEFTARROW "set reset vstr allies_team; vstr allies_team"
KP_5 "vstr pbg"
KP_RIGHTARROW "set reset vstr axis_team; vstr axis_team"
KP_END "vstr fps00"
KP_DOWNARROW "vstr rate00"
KP_PGDN "vstr packets00"
KP_ENTER "mp_fireteamadmin"
KP_INS "vstr nextstatus"
KP_DEL "vstr time00"
MOUSE1 "+vstr shooton shootoff"
MOUSE2 "+moveup"
MOUSE3 "vstr lenovo"
MWHEELDOWN "weaponbank 3"
MWHEELUP "weaponbank 2"


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