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Canyon Depths beta 7 version 7

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Canyon Depths beta 7 - Public


For testing purpose, feel free to distribute <3
Please send bug reports to itekimasu@gmail.com (mail, msn).


Musics used :
Desert : Yoko Kanno - Digging My Potato
Castle : Django Reinhardt - Montmartre
Caves : Saint Seya - Zodiac Theme


08/2007 - 02/2011
By Yatta_Yatta-O_o


Thanks to :
- the ET mappers community at splashdamage.com forums,
- the ETF team for sharing their server for 2011 tests - special thanks to Nosi and RazorSword,
- Chrucker for his ET scripting reference/tutorial website,
- the CFB and ROP teams for older tests and for their patience with crippled early versions,
- Google for searching documentation, help & resources :)


Canyon Depths is a huge ET map that uses more space than most.


The mapper took advantage of the fact that maps are a large cube.


It starts outside, high in the cube.


Tank breaks through underground and winds down underneath the path...


Since It's so large, Clients and servers need to raise Their com_hunkmeg setting to at least 90(default 50).


Axis spawn at the tank, But It won't move till fuel is stolen from fort and tank refueled.


Axis must escort tank(no driving) past fort and barrier, Then tank needs 5 fuel cans and


2 objectives(hidden nearby) to continue. Then tank needs mobile bridge driven to water so


It can cross. Then tank breaks through underground for a long journey to break into keycard


objective that opens path to garage door switches. Once opened, Tank proceeds...Then Axis


need to sneek through base to throw 2 switches so tank can proceed. Once tank crashes...


Then They can go for final objective.