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Making My Own Rig: Power Supply, DVD Drive, Extra Fan and Sector 5 Ram

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Okay so I got some more money thanks to Chinese New Years =D.


First thing I bought was Patriot Sector 5 4GB (2 x 2 GB) DDR3-1333 RAM for 119.99. I was considering some value ram for 25 bucks less but I asked around and learned if I wanted some dependable and stable ram that won't die on me, it is worth the $25 bucks more. Another thing I bought was a new PSU. Antect Earthwatts 650 watt PSU was definitely what I need and for 60 bucks it was a bargain for me.


Installing a PSU is easy like hell (has 4 screws. Just screw it in lawl) and RAM is just shoving it into the slot. I don't think any explainations are needed for what I did (but for ram i don't have a mobo yet so i am obiviously not shoving it anywhere).




Next I put in the Samsung DVD RW drive I bought for $19.99. At first I thought, like most cases, that you would have to remove the front panel to shove the drive in.


LOL well this case is so cheap, there is no panel to take off. You just shove the DVD drive in and screw it. I also found out that there is no way for me to replace the front intake fan that came with the case, because the screws are behind the front cover (which is unremovable because a part of the chassis is blocking the area of where they are screwed, leaving no room for a screwdriver bit to fit in). Nevertheless it has a an nice 120mm fan so i wouldn't bother removing it in the first place.





Lastly I decided to add an intake fan at the bottom of the side vent. There was no screw slots so I mounted it using the left over velcro that came with my red cathode kit.




After spending the $119.99 on the ram, I realized that there is no way I will be able to make a DDR3 MOBO/RAM gaming comp for under 500 bucks or even 600 bucks with a HD 4870 video card. This is something I have accepted so this gaming PC will not be beat the $600 Canadian Gaming Rig I built with my friend.


So in conclusion............







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You should make a stealth cover for that optical drive. Pop the faceplate off and use double sided tape to attach the bay cover to the front. It really gives rigs a high-end look. Like in mine:




Nice job so far though man keep it up!


Kkk i'll try it. Only problem is the open button. Lol how do you get that to work?

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