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Making My Own Rig: The Case

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Alright so here is the case. It costed me $17 and came with a 480W power supply. First thing I am planning to do is huck the power supply out the window because this shitty 480W PSU actually only puts out 300W. But for $17 I can't complain right?




So the first thing to do is put the fans in. It is important which way you want the fans to be placed. If you don't know what is the intake and outtake sides of the fan, most fans have an arrow on the side indicating the air flow direction. The general rule is the front of the case is always intake, rear is always outtake and the side is up to you (depends on where the fan slot is).


Afterwards I put in the Red Cathodes, in place and attached a switch that fits in the PCI bay as the picture explains below. The Red cathodes were attached to the side panel by velcro.




After that, I put the side panel on and turned on the PSU.









Lol fun =P. Also go check out thundercunts AMD build while you are at it http://fearless-assassins.com/forum/topic/6047-my-amd-build/page__gopid__62785entry62785

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