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Mac Client Released!!

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Good news for Mac users, N!tmod 1.3 Mac client binaries have just been released.


We will unfortunately not release the Mac server binary, the ammount of ET servers running on Mac systems isn't big enough for us to bother building server binaries.


Server admins can download the new pk3 including the mac client here.


Replace the nitmod_1.3.pk3 by the nitmod_1.3_mcs.pk3 file (mcs = mac client support)


Mac users will not be able to play on servers that are not running with this new pk3.


Also, I said it a few times but I prefer saying it again, remember that NO SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED FOR VERSIONS PRIOR TO 1.3. If you don't update your server to 1.3, do not even bother reporting bugs, they will be ignored.


Thanks for reading.

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